Land Requirements

HB Villages is a leading provider of bespoke property for supported living.

The company was established solely for the purpose of delivering supported living property development and investment solutions.

We deliver accommodation across the UK for the tens of thousands of vulnerable adults living in inappropriate, badly serviced and often, poor quality accommodation.

Our core philosophy is centered on the flexibility of being able to organise support

around ones life rather than having to adapt ones life around support.

Through partnerships with Inclusion Housing, Community Solutions, Morgan Sindall and a number of national care and support providers, we ensure that vulnerable adults are given the same life choices as others and that their living environment is conducive towards a normal way of life.

Our partnerships are forward thinking and innovative in their ability to provide supported living accommodation without the need for public subsidy.

The HB Villages national supported living rollout dovetails into the activities of Inclusion Housing, one of the country's leading providers of modern housing to vulnerable adults. This then provides a network across the country of high quality accommodation for individuals requiring a tailored care and support package.

All our locations are carefully chosen and properties are designed to integrate individuals within communities, to allow access to local amenities and to ensure as far as possible that the individual does not have to adapt their life to suit their care needs.

HB VILLAGES 20 Market Street • Altrincham WA14 8PF